WindBrrrly does the cooling so you can save your breath

WindBrrly was created by a mom who wanted to keep food from burning her child and to provide an even, all-over cooling process that was quick, effective, and easy to operate.  WindBrrrly has all of these features and lets your kids safely eat the foods they love - no need to wait.  We get it, we heard you, and WindBrrrly is here to provide the solution!

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Let's see what's under the hood...

WindBrrrly features a quiet-running fan installed on the interior of the dome, creating a continuous flow of cooling air that surrounds your child's meal. This superior ventilation technique allows your kids to eat quickly, and spend less time blowing on each bite of food!


A new favorite mealtime buddy

WindBrrrly does more than just prevent burned tongues. WindBrrrly lights up when turned on to highlight your meal and add personality.  WindBrrrly is safe for kids so when you're busy in the kitchen, your kids can take charge of the cooling experience.

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